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White Holes by Carlo Rovelli

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  • White Holes
  • Carlo Rovelli
  • Page: 176
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9780593545447
  • Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group

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A mesmerizing trip to the strange world of white holes from the bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics and The Order of Time Let us journey, with beloved physicist Carlo Rovelli, into the heart of a black hole. We slip beyond its horizon and tumble down this crack in the universe. As we plunge, we see geometry fold. Time and space pull and stretch. And finally, at the black hole’s core, space and time dissolve, and a white hole is born.  Rovelli has dedicated his career to uniting the time-warping ideas of general relativity and the perplexing uncertainties of quantum mechanics. In White Holes, he reveals the mind of a scientist at work. He traces the ongoing adventure of his own cutting-edge research, investigating whether all black holes could eventually turn into white holes, equally compact objects in which the arrow of time is reversed. Rovelli writes just as compellingly about the work of a scientist as he does the marvels of the universe. He shares the fear, uncertainty, and frequent disappointment of exploring hypotheses and unknown worlds, and the delight of chasing new ideas to unexpected conclusions. Guiding us beyond the horizon, he invites us to experience the fever and the disquiet of science—and the strange and startling life of a white hole.

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While black holes devour matter and let nothing escape, white holes emit huge amounts of matter and energy, allowing nothing to travel inside 
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Quasars are unique supermassive black holes, in which gas and dust fall into the black hole and create immense levels of luminosity and 
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White Holes are the opposite of Black Holes. Instead of matter falling into them, they throw it out. Because of this, they repel all the matter in the 
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White holes may simply be the opposite end of black holes, connected by theoretical tunnels of space-time called (of course) wormholes. So the 
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White holes cannot exist in a universe with a finite age. As it happens black holes cannot exist either, though we expect there will be 
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A white hole is the opposite of a black hole, spewing out matter. So - What are white holes? 01:16 - What are singularities? 03:19 - The 
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Unlike black holes, white holes don't have a gravitational pull or impact on surrounding stellar objects that can be observed through a 

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